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Friday, August 2, 2013

who needs a t.v. when you live with henry?

It's true. He is 24-7 entertainment...even though that includes the daily tantrums and other such two-year-old behavior. It's funny because in many ways he seems older than two. His language, his ideas, his ability to make-believe, his memory, and some of his school-readiness skills are comparable to my former preschool students. But the ways he seems the most "two" are in his sense of humor (he still thinks peek-a-boo is funny and he thinks that if he can't see us then we can't see him) and in his tantrums. Anyway, I've had a mental list going of the funny things he's been saying lately, so I've gotta get it written down before they are gone from my memory!
  • "Mommy, can we go to Grandma Joyce's house so she can make us more meat tongue to eat?" (I have no idea what he is referring to but it sure was funny.)
  • Henry: Mommy, say 'vomit'.  Me: Why would I say 'vomit'?  Henry: No, VOLMIT!  Me: What's volmit?  Henry: It's Grandma's store!  Me: (thinking...thinking) Oh! Wal-Mart?  Henry: Yeah! Volmit! Oh! I can't say it! (pauses and thinks with finger on chin) Mal-Wart. Oh! I said it!
  • "Mommy, George (as in Curious George) rode in an am-blee-ance but he couldn't enjoy it."
  • After fireworks, we had to cross a busy street and move quickly to get across. Afterward Henry told my mom that it scared him to see her run.
  • Me: Henry, who's your best friend?  Henry: Daddy.
  • He has a habit of adding extra syllables to certain words. A few examples...Ben Franklin = Ben Frankalankin; Ankeny = Ankanankey; Weed Eater = Weed-E-Deeter
  • "Can I play with the swatter fly?"
  • The other day he was pretty upset when it was time to leave the library. We were coming home in the stroller and he had been whining for about 2 blocks. I finally told him it was time to quit fussing. He got really quiet for the next block and then this... H: Mommy?  Me: What Henry?  H: This is the day that the Lord has made. So...I should rejoice and be glad in it.
(I took this photo to memorialize two things. 1.) The way he is working on his "Smile for the camera!" right now. I see school picture re-takes in our future :)  2.) The HORRIBLE haircut that I paid $16 for. Man, it's bad. Looks like a weed-e-deeter did it. Twice yesterday he was told, "Henry, I like your haircut. Did your Mommy do it?" Oh well, it's fixable. And, anyways, he's cute no matter what.

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