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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Monday, February 22, 2016

more Henry funnies

(His "I just drank hot cocoa from a really large mug" face)

Another installment of funny things that have come from Henry over the past few months...
•for Christmas we gave him a spy kit so he's been working on the art of sneaking and being inconspicuous. #nothisstrength. One day he came into the room with all his spy gear and said to Dameon and me, "Okay, raise your hand if you want to be spied on!"

•he calls Parmesan cheese "carmage cheese"

•he says "figury" instead of "figure"  As in, "We need to figury out how to use this."  It's probably my favorite thing ever.

•the other day he told me that if you have five four times then you have twenty. Flabbergasted, I asked him how he knew. He proceeded to count his fingers and toes.

•comes bursting in the door with a pine cone he found in our yard and exclaims, "Mommy, look what I found! Now we can make syrup!"

•asked me if he could marry me. When I told him I'm already married he said that's fine because he'll just marry Greta or Warren.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two months

Greta girl turned two months old on Valentine's Day and had her check-up the day after.

Her stats:
•12 pounds 5 ounces (84th percentile)
•23.5 inches long (87th percentile)
•15.75 inch head circumference (80th percentile)
•size 1 diapers (we are using cloth about half the time)
•wears size 3-6 month clothes
•smiles and coos often
•responds to momma's voice
•nurses every 2-3 hours during the day
•sleeps a 12-hr night getting up to eat about every 3 hrs
•doesn't like the car seat
•learning how to get out of a swaddle
•works hard to try to find her thumb