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Sunday, July 17, 2016

seven months

      (We've got ourselves a sitter!)

      (Girl time with Mommy after dropping the boys off with Grandma for the night.)

     (I guess she's a little allergic to bug bites.)

     (Fun at the Fourth of July parade!)

     (A stop at Union Park on our way to Yankee Doodle Pops)

    (Sleeping beauty still likes her swaddle)

    (Thinking about crawling so she can chase those brothers.)

Greta stats:
•18 pounds (ish)
•size 3 diapers
•6-9 month clothes and 12 month sleepers
•mostly just breastfeeding still but has tasted watermelon, green bean, banana, and oatmeal
•sleeps all night and cat naps during the day 
•says dada and buhbuh
•sits all by herself 
•rolls everywhere
•loves to splash and suck her thumb in the bath