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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just one of the reasons I love this guy

This is the email Dameon sent me the other day at work. It's way too funny to keep to myself.

So…I just completely lost all composure and calm in public…
I let Rufus out the back door, as per our normal schedule. I let him hang out outside for about 5 minutes while I cleaned up my dishes a little. Well, when I went to let him back in, he was gone and his harness was lying empty on the ground facing the street!!!!!!! I flipped out! I ran out the door, yelling and screaming for him. I was sure that he was dead in the road. Well…I don’t know how many times I circled around the house before I realized that he was trotting along right next to me as I was yelling for him…with a turd hanging out of his mouth…
I think I scared him half to death by hugging him so hard! We’ll get a new harness tonight…
YIKES…my chest still hurts from that one!
Love ya!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For Roman

My friend, Ruth Ann, recently informed me that her cutie-pie little boy loves looking at pictures of my family on this blog. This post is specifically for him. Enjoy!