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Friday, August 2, 2013

D.I.Y didn't I do this years ago??

Does anyone else feel like the digital age of photography that we are now in poses a bit of a problem? I have taken soooo many pictures over the past few years but all they ever do is sit on my computer and get not-viewed by anyone. What to do? My ideal plan is to make family "yearbooks" (an idea I got from Pinterest. You know...Pinterest. The place where all my ideas sit. Much like shutterfly.) that can serve as coffee table books in the future. But I also wanted a way to display pictures on our walls. Enter repurposed/shabby chic barn window. I bought this barn window from Katie and Richard. Major score! It was painted black and in great shape. Dameon did the old Elmer's glue trick and used some leftover paint we had from the summer our house got painted (cue horrible memories!) and it turned out GREAT! I deliberated for awhile over which Uppercase expression I wanted and I'm so happy with how this compliments the whole thing. Then Dameon attached a wire to the back of each row and I ordered some basic 8x10 prints from shutterfly and hung them on the wires with tiny clothes pins. They will be super easy and super cheap to switch out whenever we want. Ahhhhh...finally some favorite photos displayed in our home!

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