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Friday, August 2, 2013

a late-night realization

Tonight after successfully navigating and tag-teaming bedtime with the two munchkins, Dameon and I were talking about how I had seen a home video of Henry from last summer in which he was using two and three word phrases compared to how much he was talking by his second birthday. I was curious, so I logged into my blog to read some old posts and see if I could find out more about what he was doing back then. And then I saw them. And they were many. The posts about the dog. Now I mean no offense to those out there who love their dogs like children. I totally get it. I just don't feel that way any more and it seems like another lifetime ago that my life revolved around him. I remember telling Dameon the night before Rufus' first birthday that maybe we should skip our meeting the next night because he would already be in his kennel all day while we were at work and it was his birthday afterall. Whaaaat????? And when we used to travel with him we would bring along two plastic tubs filled with his gear. And that was probably for a day trip. Now I'm lucky if I remember his leash. And food? Forget it! I have to keep a stash permanently in the van just so he doesn't starve. Yep, it's a different season of life right now. No doubt about it. But Ruf is a good sport about it. As I type, he's sprawled out underneath a sleeping Warren in the baby swing. He's go-with-the-flow like that :)

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