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Friday, April 27, 2012

what i know

(Sometimes I wonder how I ever came up with material for my blog before becoming a parent. Hmmm...)

Henry is quite the spirited little guy. He comes up with new ways to entertain us all the time and he is FULL of opinions. Here's a list of a few things I know about Henry:

1. He refuses to eat almost everything I cook for him, but he drinks his bath water without hesitation. Bizarre? I think so.

2. In times of trouble there's only one thing better than Mommy. E-L-M-O.

3. Once dip is introduced, there's no going back. I did not know this prior to introducing dip.

4. Pooping right after a diaper change just makes sense.

5. Regardless of who you are, if you're standing near a light switch, he'll ask you to pick him 'dup'.

6. The sound of breakable objects hitting the wood floor is strangely satisfying to him.

7. If you let him, he'll swing all day.

8. There are only to types of animals in the world: birds and dogs. Just go with it.

9. School buses driving by our house bring ultimate delight.

10. Thankfully he hasn't learned the art of sneaking. I can tell he's doing something he's not supposed to because of the glee-filled squealing. His most common forbidden mission: Get through the laundry room door and dump the dog's water on the floor.


Ruth Ann said...

love love love this list. He is awesome. Silas also enjoys dumping out the dog's water. Well, who are we kidding? So does Judah.

Lafrenz Family said...

Some of those things will never change!