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Friday, April 20, 2012

it happened again

Remember about a year ago when I posted this conversation Dameon and I had regarding nursery rhymes?? Well, last night it happened again. Different topic, same type of confusion. I think this time it's a little more "you had to be there"-ish but I'll recap it for you (and for us to laugh at again later) and you can get the gist.
We got a new van a couple months back and it has a DVD player. We are pretty much in agreement that we don't want Henry to become dependent on watching movies when we're in the car, but sometimes it just gets to that point where you can't handle the whining. In such an instance, we have a standby Sesame Street dvd loaded and at the ready. Last night was one of those instances.
Now, when I was a kid, Sesame Street was by far my favorite show. We didn't have cable, so I think I pretty much watched every day and probably the same episode twice since it aired in the morning and the afternoon. I loved it. I still love it. Well, the old episodes from back in the day, anyway. And I know all the characters pretty well. I can even remember taking a field trip to IPTV at some point in my elementary school days. At that point I was too old to admit to my friends how much I loved Sesame Street, but I found myself hoping we were just going to stumble upon the real Sesame Street. You know, because it was real. You can probably imagine my disappointment at the end of that field trip.
ANYWAY, last night as we were driving home and Henry was glued to the screen, Dameon and I could overhear a sketch involving Oscar the Grouch. He was saying something that indicated he was not currently in his trash can. This is what got the ball rolling...
Dameon: What does Oscar look like when he's not in his can?
Me: Well, just like his normal self...except without the can. They don't really show his legs. Just the waist up.
Dameon: Oh, so just his tiny body?
Me: What?
Dameon: Like, just his stick body?
Me: No, he has a normal body. A normal muppet body.
Dameon: Oh, I thought he was really tiny.
Me: (for some reason this has already struck me as very funny, so I decide to press the poor guy for more information.)  What else do you know about Sesame Street?
Dameon: Why?
Me: I just wanna know.
Dameon: Okay. Well. Snuffleupagus is an elephant.
Me: He's not an elephant.
Dameon: Well, he has tusks!
Me: No, he doesn't.
Dameon: Well, in my mind he does.
(and now I'm having a hard time containing my laughter)
Me: What else?
Dameon: There's the Count. He has one tooth and a monocle.
Me: He does NOT have one tooth! (and now we're almost home and the conversation ends.)

I can't wait to pick his brain again for more Sesame Street "facts". Poor guy. He must have forgotten he was dealing with an expert ;)  **P.S. You can click on the words 'this conversation' at the beginning of this post if you need a little recap of our nursery rhyme exchange.**

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