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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

dear warren

Dear Warren,
You are ten months old now, and I know every parent says it, but I honestly can’t figure out where the time has gone. Not only are you two months shy of your first birthday, you are also still the second born. That means that I’m still trying to document and capture your babyhood just as much as I did my firstborn. That task is proving to be a challenge. I’m keeping this blog as a record book of our family because I like to write and, more than that, I like to remember. When I browse the archives of this blog, there are many posts written about your big brother. Not just the monthly updates, but odes to his baby life. See, before he was a big brother, he was an only. I had a lot more time to sit at the computer and type out those writings I had composed in my head. That’s how these posts come about: I write them in my head and type them out when I can find a moment to sit in front of the screen.
The archives of this blog don’t contain quite as many for you. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t composed them. Oh, I’ve composed so many. When I hold you on my lap and play pat-a-cake with you, I write about how you are the most smiley baby I’ve ever seen. You smile so big that your shoulders touch your ears and my heart is filled with joy. When I give you a bath, I write about how your features are so beautiful with your long lashes and your daddy’s eyes. I wonder if you will be a swimmer the way you kick those legs like crazy. (You’ve been doing that since the very first time I felt you move!) When I watch you play with Henry, I write about the gift that you are to him. You are amazed by everything he does. I bet you always will be. You are just ten months old and already there is so much love between the two of you. When I lift you from your crib in the night to feed you and in the darkness you say, “Ma,” I write about how you are the gift I never knew I needed. And about how my heart bursts with love for you. You made my love multiply. When I rock-a-bye you in the upstairs glider, I write about how I’m in disbelief that you stretch from one arm rest to the other and your legs drape over the edge. You are hardly a baby anymore.
Please know, Sweet Warren, that though the posts about you are a bit scarce, I have written about you and I won’t forget because I hold these moments with you in my heart!
I love you,

  • has 3 teeth: 2 bottom and 1 top right
  • crawls
  • pulls up to knees and once in awhile feet
  • says: ma-ma, da-da, wha (what's that), uh-uh (uh-oh)
  • tricks: high five, so big, peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, waves bye bye, signs 'more' and 'all done', gives kisses
  • eats fruit and veggie purees, some finger foods, and breastmilk
  • 19 pounds
  • two naps per day

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Paulette said...

This is just beautiful! So well done!