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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013 in review

We had such a great Christmas break this year filled with just the right amount of family time, relaxation, and fun. I'll caption the following string of photos to review some of the festivities and highlights.
Dameon spent a lot of time (and froze his fingers off) trying to transform our home into "our Christmas house" as Henry calls it. He did a GREAT job! (I'll just gloss over the 8 foot blow-up Santa that was a late addition to the yard and just say, "WHY???") We also have a couple Christmas traditions in our little town. The first is driving through City Park any night during the month of December where we have our own mini version of Jolly Holiday Lights. Henry loves it and I'm sure Warren will next year. We made it through twice this year. Also, the day after Thanksgiving the shops on the square host a festival of lights. It culminates with a lighted parade and Santa Claus sprinkling his magic dust and lighting all the buildings/courthouse/trees. This was our first time attending that event and I'm sure we'll be back!

Henry and I all ready for Christmas Eve church service. This year we attended Lutheran Church of Hope with the Place crew. GREAT message. If there's anyway to visit their website and watch that service, I highly recommend it.

Our little cuties all dressed up. Is that tie not the cutest?!

Henry's fourth Christmas:                                                          Baby's first Christmas:
Our little family:



the cousins:

Santa stopped by to check on the boys:

Warren was a fan:

Cute little buddy trying out the shaving kit Santa brought him:

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Ruth Ann said...

FOUR Christmases for Henry?? How is he so big? Love all these sweet pics!