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Monday, January 6, 2014

henry turns 3

 The day before his birthday, he helped me bake and decorate cupcakes. He was a big fan of the frosting and, of course, we had to sample our work. (Notice how the only part of the cupcake he ate was the top.)

On December 19, Dameon took the day off work so we could do "Henry stuff" all day. Right away when he woke up in the morning we gave him his gift which was a train table with all the good Thomas stuff. We've been planning this gift since the second Dameon said, "It's a boy!" so there was a great deal of anticipation going on. We were pleased with his reaction and have enjoyed watching his imagination grow over the past few weeks. 

We ate a breakfast consisting of Casey's donuts (with sprinkles) and then hit the road to Des Moines. First stop: Build A Bear Workshop. Henry had never been! He chose a little dog and named him Sammy.

 We also saw Santa at the mall and made the dumb decision to pay the $500 it costs to have someone else take the picture. Live and Learn. Our second stop was to what Henry calls "the marble store." Also known as The Learning Post. I can't remember why I didn't take any pictures there but Henry and Dameon had lots of fun playing with the marble ramp and other toys they have out for display. Third stop: Lunch at our favorite pizza place, Sam and Louie's! (Again, no pictures. Sheesh! Fail.) Fourth stop: Monkey Joe's. Henry loves that place and Dameon only had to use his teacher voice once with some rowdy kid, so it was a total success! I did a little bouncing, but mostly kept Warren content in the Ergo carrier.

 Henry hugged Sammy the whole way home, even after falling asleep about 2 minutes outside Monkey Joe's parking lot.

When we got back to our house, we had a birthday dinner of meatloaf and potatoes with cupcakes for dessert.

On December 28, we celebrated with our families. It was a Thomas the Tank Engine party!

 (Kudos to my mom for cutting out and gluing wheels on all 13 of our train cars!)
Decorating the cake turned out to be a bit of an intense process.

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweetie pie!!!

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