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Monday, May 19, 2014

a laugh a minute

For months now, I have been keeping mental notes and random scrawled out lists of funny tidbits that come from Henry. I keep telling myself I have GOT to blog these things!! So I'm taking the time now when I should be washing dishes to get these things captured all in one place. The timeline here spans from about January until now. Yeah, WAY overdue :)

  • We have been giving him rewards (or as he calls them "REWERDS") for going poop on the toilet. One night the reward was roasting marshmallows on the grill and making smores. As we were sitting out back eating them, he was feeling so extremely pleased and says, "What could be better than having a snack with my family?"
  • The other day he was in the kitchen working on something and I was in the living room feeding Warren. He needed my help so he hollered, "Mommy! I need you, sweetie!"
  • Henry is difficult when it comes to sleeping. Have I mentioned this ever before? YES. With that said, I was needing to put him down for his nap but Warren was having a rough day with teething and I felt like he needed me more. So I told Henry we were going to try something new. I gave him a couple books and told him he could look at them in his bed until he got sleepy and then set them out of his bed when he was done with them and ready to nap. He seemed to think this was just fine until I went to actually leave the room and then he started shrieking like a banshee. Which is becoming the normal naptime behavior around here, by the way. (neat.) Now, if you're a mother who owns a video monitor, you already know that this only adds to the hilarity of almost any situation. He worked his way through various not-sleeping phases such as kicking the sides of his crib as hard as he could, singing his most common made-up naptime song which consists of shouting the words "be happy!" over and over and over, trying to climb out of his crib by swinging his leg up over the ledge that is against the wall (how has he not figured this out yet?!?), jumping on the bed, and taking off his shirt. Finally after I felt he had endured this long enough, I opened his door and said, "Henry, what are you doing?" He suddenly became really still and quiet and said, "Oh. Well, I don't really think I like this new plan."
  • I was pushing him on the swing out back and he was laughing pretty hard. As soon as he caught his breath he said, "I'm having the best time!"
  • One day he bonked his chin and said, "Ouch! I bonked my beard!"
  • If I could think of a stronger word than obsessed, I would use it to describe how Henry feels about the movie Frozen. He spends the majority of his days wrapped in a color guard flag (naturally), which he refers to as his sparkling fabric, carrying a wand (not part of the movie but whatevs), freezing things. And then unfreezing them. He came into our bed one morning and was freezing us, which always consists of throwing out his arm or his wand and saying "FROZEN!" And then unfreezing us. After doing this a couple times, he threw his arm at Dameon again but instead of saying "FROZEN" to freeze him, he said, "FRESH BREATH!" On a different day, I noticed he was really quiet, so I called for him. When he came and found me, he wasn't wearing his pants. I asked him if he was pooping. He said, "No, I was singing Let It Go and letting my clothes go." A little while later he threw a toy at Warren and went to time-out. Afterward, I was talking to him about how his job as the big brother is to protect his little brother, not make his little brother feel afraid. He said, "Yeah. I don't want him to be afraid of my magical powers."
  • He had a runny nose and said, "Mommy, I need you to wipe my nose because it's dripping down to my mustache."
  • Another potty training reward story: I set him on the toilet, he tooted, and then asked me if he had pooped. I said that it must have just been a toot. He said, "Oh. What do I get for a toot?" I said, "Nothing." He said, "Oh..." really sadly.

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