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Monday, May 20, 2013


Two is a significant number around here these days.

As of Saturday, Warren is two months old. Two means noticing a lot more things around him and studying them quite intently. Two means gazing at his right fist, which he will hold in the air for a good five minutes at a time...just taking it in. Two means still not sleeping very well. Two means smiling easily and starting to really coo. Two means fitting size 3-6 month clothing. Two means losing lots of hair and having a pretty good case of cradle cap. Two means almost outgrowing the "Step 1" phase of his baby bathtub. Two means noticing his big brother for the very first time. Two is oh so special!

Henry is two (almost two and a half!) years old. Two is the age of figuring out those first steps toward independence. Two is testing limits and making Dameon and I question whether we have any clue what we're doing. Two means asking endless questions...some of which have no answer ("Mommy, what's that?" "What's what?" "THAT!" "What?" "That over there!" "What are you looking at?" "THAT!" "I don't know, honey.") Two means climbing up the ladder at the playground without any help at all. Two is still believing that Mommy's kisses actually heal. Two means that sometimes getting a baby brother is hard to understand. Two is tender-hearted in a way I've never seen before. Two is becoming more of you and less of me every day. Two is still drinking from a sippy cup. Two is zero interest in potty-training. Two is saying some words wrong like perftick (perfect), huse (use), and hi-pad (ipad). Two means being old enough to be Daddy's helper in the yard. Two is unwavering self-confidence...walking up to complete strangers and saying "Hi!" Two means finding complete bliss in sitting on a picnic bench at the park eating muffins and talking about trucks. Two is walking up to a bird, trying to hold it, and wondering why it just won't let you. Two is bright blue eyes and fluffy brown hair that will not be tamed. Two is talking to worms. Two is singing when you wake up until someone comes to get you out of your crib. Two is bringing tears to Daddy's eyes when you run to him and say, "Can you hug me?" Two means your very first friendships. Two is still rocking you at bedtime. Two is oh so special!

I am the mother of two boys. Two means a balancing act. Two means it can sometimes take an hour to get out the door to go to the post office. Two is busy. Two means divide and conquer. Two means my heart is more full than it's ever been. Two means my grocery cart is more full than it's ever been. Two is
re-realizing that Dameon and I make an excellent team. Two means sooooo much poop. Two means a stroller that weighs a LOT. Two brings a new kind of love to our family. Two is watching an unbreakable bond form. Two is a huge appreciation for my mom when she comes once a week to play with Henry, rock the baby, do my laundry, wash the dishes, and run my errands. Two is a sense of utmost respect for those who are Mommy to more than two. Two means double the hours spent in the rocking chair. Two means countless strangers saying, "You've sure got your hands full!" Two reminds me of God's grace. Two makes me so incredibly thankful for healthy children. Two is pure gratefulness for my husband...he is my partner. Two is learning a lot about myself...good and bad.

Two means Dameon and I looking at each other across the room, locking eyes, and knowing that we're both wondering how we could be blessed so incredibly much by these two amazing boys. Two is oh so special!

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