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Sunday, July 14, 2013

three months and a few Henry laughs

I'm really wishing that my blog wasn't so much on the back burner right now because there's is so much happening each day that I want to document but because there's so much happening, I just don't have time! Argh! Cycles!

Warren is three...nearly four...months old now and he is changing so quickly. He has recently entered into that stage of constantly holding onto his toes and drooling, while smiling and cooing. Such a great stage! He is gaining lots of chub on his thighs and his hair (which appears to be lighter than Henry's) is growing back in. Last week I took him to the doctor for ingrown toenails (poor little baby) and he weighed in at 15 pounds. He also hit the big rolling over milestone on the fourth of July. None of us saw it the first time, but Dameon saw him do it again just a few minutes later. This is about two months ahead of Henry so I fear the smaller head will allow him to be mobile much sooner. Eek! He is a pretty laid back guy, which is a good thing since he is subjected to all the goods and bads that the behavior of a two-year-old brings. The poor guy can hardly get a nap in without being jolted awake by a "MOMMY, WARREN'S SLEEPING!!!!!!!!" followed immediately with, "Oh, look! He's awake!" Oh well. As the younger brother, it's probably best that he learn from an early age to sleep with one eye open ;)

Henry is also growing up quickly and keeping us on our toes. Two recent instances where I almost had to gulp back a sob because he seemed so grown up: 1.) I took the boys to the park last week for a picnic. Henry finished eating before me so he walked himself over to the playground. As soon as he arrived, he turned back to smile and wave at me. And then my mind flashed forward to three years from now when he goes to kindergarten and waves goodbye to me. Oh, dear. I hope the next three years go by very slowly! 2.) This morning I went to check on him in his Sunday School class. I had to basically shove my eyeball against the small glass window to be able to see the kids around the corner, so I hope the teacher didn't see me! Anyway, there he was sitting at the table eating snack with all the kids and carrying on conversation. This is the first time he's been in any sort of "class" situation, so it makes him seem very grown up. *sigh*  One of the best parts of Henry's age right now is the things he comes up with that are just hilarious. For one thing, he has a real issue with messy hands and/or a messy face. And, yet, his favorite food group is marshmallows. This poses quite a predicament for the boy. Anyway, he is constantly wanting his hands and face wiped off and can't handle waiting until he's done eating for us to help him out with this. The other day we went out for pizza and after the very first bite, he had sauce on his cheek. He quickly (and semi-frantically) scanned the area for a napkin and when one wasn't readily available he grabbed to nearest and next-best thing: a plastic baggie, and proceeded to wipe his face. I think I laughed for five minutes straight.
And now for one last hilarious moment: Yesterday he said to me, "What's your name again?" I said, "What?" And he goes, "Oh yeah. Lindsay." Ha! Where does he come up with it??

Alright, pictures. After a major period of frustration, Dameon saved the day and figured out why I was having so much trouble getting these pictures to upload. Thus, the "three month posting" being published four days before Warren turns four months. Sheesh.

Here's Henry at three months. Just for comparison's sake. It's funny how some people think the two boys look very similar and others (an hour later) say they look nothing alike.

 Here's Henry wearing the same outfit at six months that Warren is wearing at 3 months. Big boy!

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