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Monday, December 3, 2012

a collage of projects!

I should learn that it's a mistake to commit to something on my blog. Like, when I said I was going to do a project with Henry every day and then blog about it. Ha! Didn't happen. But we do try to make at least two or three projects happen each week. Here's just a sampling of the things he's been enjoying lately.
Dot Art: I bought these dot paints at Michael's way back when I was still teaching and they have come in very handy with the little guy. They're a bit pricey (I think a pack of 6 is 10 bucks) but they really do last. Plus they're washable which is obviously a must.

Water Painting: I bought a couple cheap sponges and cut them into little chunks. He dips them in water and blots them on the paper. Great fun and no mess. Just be sure to use construction paper because any other kind (such as cardstock) won't really absorb any water.

Baking: Just recently Henry has started to help out in the kitchen. He is pretty trustworthy on this little step stool and loves to pour, stir, and stick his finger in any mound of sugar or flour that he can get to.
 First time helping Mommy make cookies. I've been looking forward to this day for a long time!!
 First taste of cookie dough. He couldn't get enough and was SILENT as he licked his tiny spoon.
 Cute story: He must have been so distracted by the goodness of the cookie dough that he forgot he was up high. He suddenly stepped backward and bonked, bonked, his way down the step stool. He cried a little and instantly had a bruise on his chin. For the next week or so, he would talk about how he got a shiner on his chin :)
Flour play: After our cookie baking experience, I learned that Henry is very enthralled with flour. I gave him a little in a bowl and spread some on his tray and he was happy as a clam. This is best to do right before bathtime!

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Ruth Ann said...

LOVE the picture of you and Henry in the kitchen with your mom! PRICELESS!!