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Friday, November 9, 2012

filling in the gaps

Fun stuff has been going on around here lately, so this post will be a random compilation of things my camera has captured in the last few weeks. Henry has been loving on our pumpkins ever since the end of September when we picked them out at the Pumpkin Ranch. The actual carving of the pumpkins was highly anticipated by Dameon and I since this year he would actually be able to participate. Yay! Wrong.
Dameon was all like:
While Henry was all like:

Turns out the boy is strongly opposed to the smell of fresh pumpkin. Weird since he's been pooping his pants since late 2010 and never seems to react to that smell. He stood in the living room whining, wiping his nose, and gagging for the entire thing. The only redeeming part of the story is that he loved the jack-o-lanterns once they were out on the porch and lit. He kept saying, "Daddy feed the pumpkins," when Dameon would put the candle inside. Props to my husband on a superb carving job. Which he had to do all by himself while I kept the toddler from having a total meltdown.
Two days later was beggar's night. We decided to dress Henry in the pumpkin costume I wore as a child since we weren't sure he would even wear a costume without having a fit and we didn't want to drop a bunch of money on it. Surprise, Surprise, he did great! Perhaps it could have been the training exercises we did leading up to the big day. You put the costume on, you get candy. See? It's fun. Now eat your tootsie roll.  I took Henry trick-or-treating on the town square right after school while Dameon had a meeting. I pulled him in his wagon. At first he was confused thinking it was a parade. Every time someone would give him a piece of candy, he would throw it on the ground and say, "Drop the treats!" Eventually he caught on, though.
 When Dameon got home, we ate a quick supper and headed out to take Henry to a few houses in our neighborhood. He enjoyed it for a couple stops but then decided he was much more interested in the neighbor's rock. oh well.
Two days later, my mom and I took Henry to visit my grandpa. While there, Henry got to have his first tractor ride when we visited my mom's cousin's farm. He loved to honk the horn and hold the steering wheel!

He also go to ride with Grandpa and Monte on the four wheeler!

Since then we've had several cold/rainy days, which means we're a little cooped up. A couple days ago I was in the kitchen when I heard Henry calling, "I climbed up, Momma!" I came around the corner to find one proud little boy. He would only look at the camera for a second because he was busy looking down at the stool and beaming from ear to ear.

Last night my back was bothering me, so I layed on the couch while Dameon and Henry played. They built Henry's very first fort, which Henry loved! (I think Daddy kinda liked it, too.)
That's all for now. Next up on the blog docket will be a baby #2 update!

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Ruth Ann said...

laughed out loud for like 5 minutes while looking at those first two pictures. And then I got to the "pooping his pants since 2010" and laughed even harder. LOVE you and those boys!