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Monday, December 3, 2012

ohhhhh baby

Today is the 24 week mark which means...this baby will be here in no time! If I have cholestasis of pregnancy like I did with Henry, the baby will be born via csection on (or within a day of) March 4. If I don't have cholestasis, we will have a csection on March 22 unless I would go into labor and progress quickly on my own. Since I've never been more than 37 weeks pregnant, I don't know if I would go into labor on my own before 40 weeks (or ever!!) so it's hard to know what to expect. Dameon will be with his students in Florida from March 9-14 so let's just hope I don't go into labor on any of those days!
We have decided on a boy name and a girl name (or pretty much decided, I should say) but they will remain top secret until the birth day. It was harder to come to a decision this time around because we had the additional factor of considering what would go well with "Henry." We also tried having Henry say each name to figure out which ones sounded the cutest out of his mouth but that was no help because they were all adorable when he said them. Dameon remains firmly planted on Team Boy while I'm much more on the Team Pink bus. Henry talks about a sister (without prompting from us) quite often so...we shall see! I love the element of surprise!! He is talking about Mommy's belly more and more. He even gives my belly hugs and kisses. And then he'll say something random like, "The baby can come out Mommy's belly and can stand on the table!" Ha! Dameon and I talk about how much we wish we could see the mental images he has to know what he really thinks is going to happen.
I am feeling really good these days. Sleeping decent (with many bathroom visits, of course), minimal heartburn, very little back pain, and no nausea. The most difficult thing is bending over. I can't do it without letting out a huff or puff and after about two bends, I'm done. The "Spa by Dameon" opened last night when he trimmed my toenails. I'm going to guess that he'll be even better at painting them this time around!
This little punkin is so so so super active and the kicks and jabs have just started to get a little sharp. I don't remember Henry being as active at this stage but it could just be that I don't remember as clearly. When we went for our ultrasound this baby was measuring a bit smaller than Henry did at his ultrasound so I don't know how that will pan out in the end but I'm definitely still sporting a bigger belly than I did with him at this time. It is so surprising to me how complete strangers will comment on my size. The produce guy at HyVee just couldn't get over the fact that I'm not due until March. He even said he felt sorry for me having to "carry that around until then." Uhhh...okay. Then the checker lady at Pamida was like, "Dang girl, you are huge! Sure it's not twins?" Like I've never heard that one before. It's not that these comments bother me or make me feel embarrassed. It's just that I would NEVER say that to anyone. Ever! Oh well. Maybe when I'm 39 weeks, I'll go hang out in the produce section for awhile and show that guy what big really looks like. He has no idea!

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