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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Know Your Husband's A Band Director If...

  • Your Friday night date to Olive Garden is interrupted by a phone call from a 16-year-old kid asking what color socks he's supposed to wear the next day.
  • while opening your one-year-old son's new percussion set and sorting through the instruments, he excitedly exclaims, "Castanets?? Are you kidding me?!?" (if you're asking yourself 'what's a castanet?' don't worry...i had no idea either.)
  • while kicking up his feet to watch some t.v., he often conducts the songs on the commercials with his big toe.
  • your autumn-time alarm clock is the sound of your husband's voice on a megaphone, as it carries across town
  • while telling your husband how much our son likes his new mini piano, he interrupts you to explain that it's not actually a piano because the hammer is not actually hitting the strings. The technical term would be clavichord because you can't adjust the volume of the note. (*Okay, so that might be far from his actual quote because I'm pretty sure I started to zone out during that whole exchange.)
  • your child's favorite weekly event is going to Monday night jazz band rehearsal.
  • 75% of the kids working at the local Fareway know you. That means you should probably remember that you're going to be embarrassed if you go there in your pajamas.
  • when asked, "What does Daddy do at work?", your son waves his arms around in true conducting fashion.
  • your son is getting really cool experiences that i often take for granted...going to marching band contests -- how cool is that??
In all seriousness, I love being married to a band director! But it's quite possible that Henry loves it more... :)