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Friday, January 27, 2012

better late than never?

Henry turning one is old news by now, but I realized I didn't do the official 12 month post. I actually managed to do one for all the other months, so I had to complete this project. Phew. Here are the latest Henry stats:
  • he sports 7 teeth...4 on the top, 3 on the bottom. he has suffered with some of them, poor guy, but still continues to be the happiest little buddy
  • he has an interest in anything that he can unload. cupboards, dressers, toy boxes, grocery get the idea.
  • he has taken just a few steps without holding onto anything but he still definitely prefers crawling
  • current likes: phones, trips to the grocery store, Rufus, his toy drum, bath time, watching out the window for Daddy, sticking his left pointer finger into small spaces, climbing the stairs, spoons...and things that look like spoons, light switches, balls...and things that look like balls, music, smoothies, going to see Daddy at work, playing peek-a-boo, books
  • current dislikes: getting his diaper changed, getting his face wiped off, sleeping, sitting in his high chair, most of the food we try to feed him, being told 'no'
  • he is more of a social butterfly than ever. when we're in public, he can spot anyone under the age of 4 or over the age of 70 from a mile away and makes it his mission to get that person's attention. this could result in trying to engage them in a game of peek-a-boo, pointing at them and repeatedly gasping, or holding a 'so-big' pose until they finally notice him
  • he says a few words or parts of words. examples: book, ball, spoon, boo (for peek-a-boo), star, dog, what's that, nose, da-da, duck. and he knows signs for more, all done, and milk
  • he got his fifth haircut on saturday
  • he has a really good memory! example: one of his lift-the-flap books has a page where you find the baby's belly button. one day i showed him my belly button and now every time we read it, he tries to find the bottom of my shirt to look for it again.
  • and now for a photo year in review. :) i'm trying to decide which month he changed the most. i think it's between 8 and 9. or maybe 2 and 3?

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