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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

round 2

and now for another edition of "I'm Gonna Miss This"....cuz I've been having lots of I-can't-believe-how-much-you've-grown thoughts lately.

Dear Henry,
You're getting so big and so very close to your first birthday! I'm so happy and thankful that you are a healthy, growing boy but there are certainly some things that I will miss as we soon say goodbye to your baby days.
  • I will miss how your knuckles are still just dimples.
  • I will miss your four-tooth grin.
  • I will miss the way your pants fit so snuggly around your big cloth-diapered bum.
  • I will miss trying so hard to teach you to say "ma-ma" because soon I'm sure you'll say it all the time.
  • I will miss your fascination with light switches.
  • I will miss hearing your bare hands slapping along the wood floor as you crawl through the house.
  • I will miss peeling your grapes and cutting each one into four pieces.
  • I will miss how excited you get about "The Wheels on the Bus".
  • I will miss you being the perfect height to rest your chin on your crib ledge and wait for us to come get you from your nap.
  • I will miss your hands and feet turning constant circles.
  • I will miss how cute you are in your snowsuit and raccoon hat.
  • I will miss you thinking I'm the funniest person in the world. (Well, besides Daddy, of course!)
  • I will miss seeing your little finger reach out and touch the mouse on the page in 'Goodnight Moon', even when you can barely stay awake for the story.
  • When you no longer make your "excited face" because the phone rang or the door opened, I'll miss that too.
The other day we were at the mall together and an elderly lady came over to talk to you and tell you how cute you are. Then she looked at me and said, "Enjoy him because he will grow up so very fast." I felt like what she was really saying was, "I would trade a lot to be able to go back and spend one more day snuggling my babies." Yep, I'm gonna miss this.

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Lafrenz Family said...

oh boy this made me cry! can I copy and paste this to my blog :)