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Thursday, December 22, 2011

probably the best text conversation i've ever had

If Henry isn't napping, I have to put him in his high chair outside of the open bathroom door while I'm taking a shower. This is not his favorite thing. Yesterday, he was running out of patience with me so I started singing to him. This is a regular occurrence and usually works to pacify him for a few moments. I usually end up with "Old McDonald" or "The Wheels on the Bus" because the options of verses are completely unlimited. But yesterday I chose "This Old Man." You know, 'This old man he played one. He played knick knack on my thumb.' I was cruising along just fine until I got to number nine. 'This old man, he played nine. He played knick knack...' Wait. What in the world did he play nine on? I was completely stumped. When I got out of the shower, I decided to text my friend Ruth Ann. Yes, Ruth Ann would definitely know. Here's how the exchange went...

Me: What in the heck did this old man play nine on???
Ruth Ann: A spine? No idea...I only go to 4 because I can never remember 5. Do you know 5?? The things we ponder as moms, huh?
Me: I think it's a hive. A hive??
Ruth Ann: Ha! Good choice, Old Man. Good choice.

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