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Friday, December 16, 2011

party prep overload

"Look Whoooo's Turning One" is the theme for the upcoming birthday bash. I've spent the last month overcoming my fear of crafting by creating an owl-filled wonderland of decor. Yes, I've burned off three of my fingerprints and poked a needle through each of my fingers at least twice, but I think the result will be pretty cute. Here's a sneak peek at the centerpieces...

You see those stitches on the wings? Yep. I watched a youtube video of Carol Brady's seamstress twin sister to learn that skill. Dameon came home the other night to find me in my usual position at my "crafting table" and said, "It's kind of like we're getting ready for a wedding." Ha! I guess he thinks I overdid it a bit. Perhaps he's right. BUT, in a stroke of pure genius, I've decided that these decorations are completely reusable! Not only will all our future children get to have the same first birthday theme, but we can also use them for many subsequent celebrations. "Woo-hoooooo! You're graduating!" "Guess whoooo's getting married!" Get it? It totally works.

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Lindsay B said...

Super cute! Nice job!