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Thursday, February 10, 2011

who knew

Dear Henry,

Who knew that watching you fall asleep on my chest could make my heart physically ache with love for you?

Who knew that seeing your sweet, toothless smile would make the rest of the world (messy house, and all) fade away?

Who knew that holding your hand and kissing your little fingers would make my heart swell with thanksgiving?

Who knew that praying over you every night while you nurse would reveal so much to me about the love that our Savior has for His children?

Who knew that carrying you, giving birth to you, and learning to be your mommy would give my life new purpose?

Who knew that bringing you into our family would make your daddy and I love each other more fiercely than before?

I dreamed of you many times before I knew your face. And you know what? You are more.

You are a miracle, Sweet Boy. A most precious gift.


Dameon said...

Shouldn't read this stuff at work...

Love ya!

Matt and Molly said... happy for you two. Hope to experience this some day as well.

Lafrenz Family said...

Lindsay- You totally summed up motherhood!

The Blackley Tribe said...

well put friend!