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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Call Him SUPER DAD!

Not that I ever had my doubts, but I have been so amazed and so thankful for the way Dameon has taken on this whole new dad thing like such a natural! Prior to Henry's birth, he really hadn't spent much time around a newborn baby and had only partially changed one diaper...
(This past summer we watched our nieces for a couple days while their parents were on vacation. While at the pool, I had to help the older one take a shower which left Dameon to figure out how to diaper and dress the two-year-old. Yep, left him high and ....well, you know. It wasn't until the next diaper change that I realized he had put her diaper on backward. When I asked him about it he said, "Yeah, she was telling me how to do it but how am I supposed to know the front from the back?")
ANYWAY...because I had a c-section and my recovery was a little more involved, Dameon really had to take the reigns in the hospital. We wanted Henry to room in with us as much as possible which meant lots of burping, lots of diaper changes, and lots of hands-on experience for this first-time daddy. I remember him having to ask the nurse to teach him how to change a diaper because I was pretty much useless at first. I think the thing that has impressed me the most is how much he doesn't shy away or get stressed out when Henry is fussy. Seriously! One of Dameon's favorite things to do is tote Henry around in his Kangaroo Korner sling. We each have one and love them!! And, of course, our sweet boy loves that closeness with his dad. Henry is so blessed to have such an amazing and doting daddy and I can't wait for them to bond over Lincoln Logs, Legos, and projects in the garage :) Henry loves his daddy and was very responsive to his voice and touch even when he was in my belly. It's so cool to sit back and watch them together. I think there's something extra special about the love between a daddy and his little boy.
And I think Dameon is surprised to realize how much he loves this "new baby" phase. Pretty sure I've heard the phrase, "by the time our 10th one comes along," escape this Super Dad's lips more than once in the past six weeks. Duggar, who?


Ruth Ann said...

I love your boys. :)

The Blackley Tribe said...

I love that Dameon is a daddy too!!! And you think your heart melts now, wait til he freaks out when Dameon gets home from work. Both of our boys do it, in their own special way and it makes my heart spill over with love and gratitude for my awesome hubby and father to our sons!

roylene said...

Just think he will grow up and big like his daddy.....hard to imagine now:)