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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Three months

recently graduated to size 2 diapers (only wears cloth once in awhile)

eye color seems to be settling in as blue

has kept most of her hair but has small bald spot on back of head

has figured out how to reach up and grab ahold of the toys hanging down from her play mat
smiles and coos readily

loves to have the attention of her brothers (henry's attention lasts longer, of course, and they share lots of conversations together)

not sure how much she weighs but it's a lot

sleeps through the night pretty much every night (yessssssss. and no 'how to' book made this happen. she was just born awesome.)

doesn't seem anywhere close to rolling over (#tummytimefail)

laughs when you change her clothes. mostly the part where you take her arms out of her sleeves.

has no interest in binkies or bottles. really wants to find her thumb but so far only finds her fist.

holds onto both her thumbs with her index fingers. sooooo cute!

still not a big fan of her carseat but seems to be getting better

likes riding around on mommy in the ergo carrier...especially while brothers are playing at the park

nicknames: Greta Girl and Sissy

has many chins. so many. i just discovered a new one last week right in the front that i don't think had ever been washed. oops.

1 comment:

Paulette said...

"She was born awesome." Just like her mommy! I remember someone complimenting me that you were such a good girl. (I think you were about two.) I replied back that it wasn't were born that way!