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Monday, March 14, 2016

This kid

Oh, Warren. I don't even know where to being with you! Warren has the best personality. We've seen it since Day One. Super laid back baby and cute as a button. Smiley and talkative. Passionate about ponies. BUT...three was the hardest age with Henry and we've seen three coming with Warren for about...well...18 months. Warren is our boy who cried wolf. He is teeny tiny for his age and has learned his best defense in life is noise. He screams and cries about everything. And with the same intensity regardless of whether his sleeve is touching his thumb or he's pinned under a rocking chair. Therefore, it makes it really challenging to know when to actually respond to the shrieking. Because if I didn't sometimes ignore him, I would die of crazy.
Anyway. Mixed in with the noise is a whole bunch of cuteness that is just so Warren. 
•When I am about to make him take a nap, his latest phrase is, "Can I just play for a few whiles?"

•When he's sitting on the potty chair or working on a diaper he says, "Leave me pribacy!" (Yes, priBacy)

•instead of saying, "Im so excited!" He says, "I'm so exciting!"

•he says Lasterday instead of Yesterday. And, honestly, it makes a lot more sense.

•One day he was asking me the ages of various people in our family. Finally he asked how old he is. I told him he's two but he will be three very soon on his next birthday. He then got a super sad look on his face and said, "But, Mommy, When will I be 'W'?"

•This past weekend Dameon took the boys to his aunt's house because she had a new pony and blanket for Warren. That night I said, "Who gave you that pony? Was it Jim?" He said, "No, it was Meerwax." I said, "Miralax?" (He takes miralax often). He looked puzzled and said, "No! What's that boys name? Ohhhh! Awex (Alex)"

•his second love in life after ponies is drinking bath water (WHY????)

•his third love in life after ponies and drinking bath water is play doh. Plays it for hours and mixes the colors which drives us nuts but I finally gave up trying to police the play doh and now just buy Henry his own set.

•It is hard to find him not wearing his Pony hat (see photo below). He doesn't even take it off to sleep. Summer should be fun.

•Today he escaped his crib for the first time. I know it's kinda weird to still have him in a crib but it's been working out great until now. I put him down for nap screaming and suddenly he was eerily quiet. Then the door slowly opens and he nonchalantly walks out into the kitchen. Without making eye contact he says, "Well, I think I'll just finish my lunch now and then I'll sleep tomorrow."

•last week I had all three kids at the park and, much to his dismay, I made Warren swing on the "big kid" swing because there was no way I could heave him up into the baby swing while also wearing Greta. I was going over the top explaining how he was big enough to swing like the big kids because he will be three in one week yadda yadda. Three days later I took him to a different park where he immediately ran over to the baby swing and said, "Mommy, since I poop in my diaper a lot, can I swing in the baby swing?" (You got me there, kid.)

Here he is with his pony hat, ponies, and play doh. And for the record (and I quote): "IM NOT MIXING THE COLORS, IM CONNECTING THEM!" Shouted not spoken, of course.

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Paulette said...

Such a sweetheart! And again, I'm so glad these funnies are recorded.