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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

current obsessions

I must admit the title of this post is a little misleading. Particularly the word "current." This post should have been published about six weeks ago. Oh well. 
For Warren, life is all about horses and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? Both interests began sometime around late October. The horses with a trip to our friends' house where they have lots of My Little Ponies and the book with a trip to my parents' house where he caught onto that story. He can now recite the whole thing and has named his pony "Blue Horse." He often has difficulty eating or playing with any other toys because one hand is always occupied. And be prepared for battle when dressing him. Trying to pry Blue Horse from his tiny grasp in order to fit his arm through a sleeve is pure torture. He especially likes to take Blue Horse around town and introduce him to anyone who will listen. He will say, "Dis is my horse! It's my PONY! He has a big hoof!" Recently Blue Horse went missing for an entire week. He had a couple meltdowns about it but then seemed to forget a little bit as the days went on. But last Sunday he found him laying in the basket of hats and mittens and, oh my, the look of pride on his face! Nevermind that in the meantime Dameon and I had scoured the internet searching for another one (which we learned has been discontinued). Thirteen dollars later we have a back-up hanging out in the basement.

Henry's latest interest has been writing the alphabet and trying to put words together. (Yes, this makes my teacher heart soar with pride!) He spends lots of time working on his Magna Doodle. In fact, he almost always wakes up before me in the morning and will just find his way to the couch and write on his Doodle until I get up. He has been particularly interested in writing "Disney D" and will take the opportunity to practice on any scrap of paper he finds. We often find them laying all over the house:
The funniest part of Henry's letter learning is when he makes a mistake and doesn't quite form a letter correctly. Then he'll say, "Whoops. I wrote that one in Spanish."

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Ruth Ann said...

Laughed so hard about writing letters in Spanish!! Love that kid!