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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

seven months

Baby Warren is officially closer to his first birthday than he is to his birth-day. Crazy! I can't believe how time can go even faster the second time around. He is sporting a super cute tuft of hair right on top of his head now, after months of baldness. It's funny to think about how Henry was already in desperate need of a trim at that age. I predict Warren won't need a trim until about age 3. :)  Here are some other Warren facts:

  • No teeth yet but I wonder if he's getting close. He likes to gnaw on his binky and he's been a little cranky lately.
  • Eats solids twice a day. Usually rice cereal or oatmeal and a fruit or vegetable. So far he has tried apples, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, avocado, and carrots.
  • Enjoys his binky more than ever. I hope I don't look back at this post someday and think, "That was the turning point! I should have taken it away then!"
  • Has started to show his first signs of fear. The other day Dameon was holding him and hollered at a friend who was walking by. Warren just cried and cried over that loud noise! Then I was pushing him in the shopping cart and we hit a bump. He looked at me and his bottom lip popped out but luckily he didn't cry that time.
  • Smiles all the time. And not just with his face. His whole self smiles! It's hard to describe, but it's so so cute.
  • Sleeps from about 7:30 or 8 to about 6:30 or 7, waking up to eat a few times in there. His naps are pretty sporadic throughout the day but typically he naps twice.
  • Sits up but still can't be trusted to not make a sudden movement and topple over.
  • Loves to watch Daddy throw a ball way up high and catch it! Every time it goes up, he tracks it with his eyes, makes a big grunt, and kicks his legs like crazy.
  • Has started really noticing Rufus for the first time and really wants to grab onto the curly hair!
  • Has a mix of green, brown, hazelish eyes...just like Daddy

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