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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Henry's latest mis-speak

Is it wrong to hope your child never outgrows some of the words they say incorrectly? I mean, it's just so darn cute! Henry has some long-running words that just don't come out right.
He says breaftist instead of breakfast. He says nap instead of map. He says flavrite instead of favorite. He refers to anything that happened before this very moment as happening 'last night' or even better 'lasterday'.
And, as most kids do, we find him picking up on certain phrases and using them repeatedly. These are the phrases that Dameon and I realize we must use a lot. Some popular ones are "Sound like a plan?" (Dameon)  "That's a good idea!" (Me)  And the latest, "If I spill my milk, it will make a najor mess!" (Me, again). Of course the word "najor" (aka MAJOR) is very much emphasized to be more like, "Naaaaaajor."
Oh, and don't even try to correct him because he is, in his opinion, always right. (Yep, that'd be me again.)

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