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Friday, September 27, 2013

six months and more

WARREN is our newly-turned six month old and he grows more adorable every day. We just can't get enough of this guy! First of all, his cheeks. Oh my. They are so kissable. I bet I kiss them 50+ times a day. I just can't stop! His hair is coming in more and more in this perfect little tuft on the top of his head. It seems a little lighter than Henry's but it is hard to say for sure. And then there's his laugh. It is so sweet and so easy to get out of him. He's just. so. happy. this little boy! Here are some stats:

  • 17 pounds, 6 ounces (44%ile)
  • 27.5 inches long (80%ile)
  • wears some 9 month clothing but mostly fits into 12 month
  • nurses throughout the day and night and eating rice cereal at supper time. 
  • tried bananas and thought they were alright
  • grabs at everything
  • close to sitting up
  • attempts drinking out of sippy cup
  • enjoys his binky
  • finds henry to be absolutely fascinating
  • rolls over both ways
  • scoots inadvertently
  • starting to babble syllable sounds (ya-ya-ya and da-da-da)
  • sleeps upstairs in his crib and likes to be swaddled
HENRY, meanwhile, is busy trying to figure out the difference between real and pretend. It is so funny to hear his questions and get inside his logic. A few questions we've heard lately...
  • Why does Rufus not talk? (after watching Clifford)
  • Do monkeys wear shirts? (No, Buddy, they don't.) Oh, but they just wear snow clothes. (after watching Curious George)
  • Mommy, our saw doesn't hop along like that. (after watching Handy Manny)
side note: I swear Henry doesn't watch that much t.v. But more than he did when he was an only child. It's hard having two kids!!
In other Henry news, I continue to be amazed at what a sweetheart he is. In general and especially as a big brother. The more Warren is starting to interact, the more fun it is to see Henry's reaction to him. Let's see if I can recall a few of the cute/sweet/adorable/hilarious things Henry has said lately:
  • Yesterday I told him I had bought him a new package of socks. He gasped with delight and said, "What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for thinking of me!"
  • This morning after we got done paying for our groceries, he says to the checkout girl, "Have a great day!"
  • Last night as I was drying him off from his bath and putting on his lotion he told me I'm the best Mommy in the whole world.
  • He often will tell someone as he's saying goodbye "Thanks for the fun we had!" (That one really brings the house down.)
  • The other day he found a little toy phone I had bought for Warren and wanted to play with it, he took it behind the couch to "make some calls." A few minutes later he comes to find me in the kitchen and says, "Mommy, this phone doesn't even have PacMan!"
  • We have been getting t.p.'d all week. The first morning when Henry stepped outside and saw it, he got a very concerned look on his face and said, "Oh no! How will we ever ever get to our van?"

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