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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

angel boy

The love of angels continues for our little Henry. We can't help but think it's adorable :) A few weeks ago I remembered a little set of wings I had stored with my dress up clothes from when I was a kid, so I dug them out and made Henry the happiest kid on the block. He doesn't wear them all the time but occasionally asks for them. The other day he had them on and was watching out the window for the garbage truck. I snapped these photos and I think they are totally precious. Though not as precious as when he wraps his little arms around my neck and says, "You are my angel." Oh, we love you!

 This is where he stands (in the corner of our dining room) when he says, "I bein' a angel!"

1 comment:

The Blackley Tribe said...

Is he actually pooping when he's 'being an angel in the corner'? Our boys tend to find a corner to poop in at that age ;)