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Monday, January 21, 2013

if you haven't read my blog for a month... haven't missed anything! Once again, I have been doing a horrible job keeping up with it and I'm looking forward to the day when I don't have to think of an opening sentence that starts with how I haven't updated in forever. But...seeing as we have a baby coming in 6-8 weeks I'm not holding my breath. And, speaking of breathing, I can't do that very well. This baby is filling me up (and out) these days and I get out of breath doing every day things like walking from the living room to the kitchen, sweeping the floor, and taking a dirty diaper to the trash can. Today I am 31 weeks. In other words, today I am bigger than the last belly picture we took:
 This was taken the same day as my last OB appointment at which I learned that baby is doing great, I was measuring at 30 cm, and everything is looking to be right on track. I will say that I am definitely ready to have the baby here. When you're pregnant the first time, you haven't yet experienced that the best part is meeting your baby. Because of that, everything about pregnancy seems super exciting and blissful. (kinda.) But now I just find myself wishing the best part would get here already. Yep, I'm pretty antsy. So...current happenings include watching my skin stretch beyond what I feel is normal or safe (soooooo stretched), coming to terms with the fact that my belly button will definitely never be the same, experiencing the most nasty heartburn at random times throughout the day and night, always sitting on the toilet an extra few seconds pondering whether or not my bladder is actually empty...then standing up and realizing it was, in fact, NOT, and chewing ice cubes just as fast as my water can melt them to the proper chewing consistency. Why do I crave ice cubes when I'm pregnant? I have no idea. The thought does enter my mind that I could be left with nothing but nubbins for teeth, but I don't care because they're just. so. good.

In other news, my lack of blogging resulted in no documentation of our Christmas festivities. But...that's not hard to catch up on because we pretty much missed all the festivities due to the upper respiratory junk we each took a turn with. I am determined that Christmas 2013 will be our COMEBACK year!!! Oh well, we got through it and only took this picture of Henry about two weeks late :) Cute Christmas outfit, right?

If you happened to see my facebook yesterday, you already know about the next exciting event! On Saturday Dameon pulled off a great surprise. And if you know Dameon, you know this is so very difficult for him. He just can hardly stand to keep anything a secret when it comes to gifts. He took us to Des Moines for what I thought was going to be a thrilling trip to the ceiling fan store, but instead he had set up and appointment for a 4D ultrasound! We had the same thing during our pregnancy with Henry at almost the exact same point in our pregnancy, so it was the coolest thing to be able to see our new baby and note just how similar Henry looked at his ultrasound. Crazy!! Here's our newest babe at 31 weeks, weighing in at 3 pounds 15 ounces. We could see chubby cheeks and hair, too! Can't wait to meet you, Little One!!

And, finally, the past month included our little Henry turning 2. We were able to have a party with our families before the sickness struck, and we were so thankful to everyone for coming to help us celebrate! I made the cake with help from my cake decorating friend, Stacey, and I was pretty proud of the end result. Henry was all about the frosting!

So there's the past month in review. Things on my mental list of posts include: comparison shots of Henry's ultrasound, photos of the transformation that is currently happening in our upstairs and in our kitchen, a compilation of funny things Henry has said lately, and a super cute Henry video that I need to figure out how to pull of the ipad and upload right here.

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