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Sunday, May 20, 2012


At seventeen weeks pregnant we were moving from our home in Waterloo to our apartment in Winterset. We lived there for six weeks. At seventeen weeks pregnant, I looked one week less pregnant than this. (We were too busy to snap a 17 week photo. And probably couldn't find the box where our camera was packed!)

On December 17, 2010, I went to my final doctor's appointment where I received my final stereroid shot to help your lungs be ready for an early delivery. I would be induced the next day. Grandma Paulette came over to help me finish last-minute preparations for you and for Christmas. After my appointment we went to Target and she insisted on dropping me off at the door. I think everyone else thought I was much bigger than I felt. :) That night Daddy and I finalized our list of things to bring to the hospital and prepared for our last night at home with just the two of us.

At seventeen minutes old, you were relaxing and resting with Daddy. We were taking you in, raving about how cute you were, and anticipating announcing and introducing you to our family.

At seventeen days old, we took you to a restaurant for the first time. Spaghetti Works! You slept through the whole thing in your carseat. Such a little punkin!

At seventeen weeks old, you were noticing lots of things all around you. Especially your hands! We loved to spike up your fluffy brown hair after your bath. People would constantly mistake you for a little girl. (Even now that happens sometimes!)

At seventeen months old, you are learning so much every day and amazing us with how much love and joy you bring to our lives. You are a curious, spunky, talkative, and busy little man. Oh how much fun it is to watch you grow up!

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