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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Henry's First Marshmallow

At the Place household, we have a hard time resisting a good old-fashioned campfire. Last year I got Dameon a fire pit for Father's Day. We used it a few times but it was always a headache trying to get the fire going without any kindling. I'd find myself searching our virtually treeless yard for some random twigs and coming up with two or three. We'd have to rely on the big logs to light, which took so long that I'd end up having to go put Henry to bed while Dameon enjoyed dealt with the fire alone. NOW we have lots of kindling at the ready and we're prepared for a campfire any time! Last night the weather was beautiful, so my talented-at-building-fires husband hooked us up!

Here's Henry waiting patiently. And teething.

 Signing "more" at the first sighting of a marshmallow.


Hmmmm...not bad.

Now for the real thing...

Tasting marshmallow and signing "more" simultaneously. The kid's got talent.

The verdict: marshmallows are good but i'd prefer to explore the yard and eat my graham cracker.

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