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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Four Months

Here are the most recent Henry happenings...
  • At his four-month well check yesterday he was 15 lbs. 7 oz. (70th percentile) and 25 and 1/4 inches long (75th percentile). Our suspicions were confirmed. He is a big boy! This morning I was holding him and stated that I think he is almost half my height. Dameon agreed. Yikes!
  • He is so very talkative and curious. Whenever someone new enters the room, he has to look around and check it out.
  • One of his most favorite hobbies is to lay on his back and hold his right arm straight up toward the ceiling so he can stare at his hand.
  • Speaking of his hands, they are in his mouth a lot. He especially likes if I cover him with a light blanket that he can suck on :)
  • He is still exclusively breastfeeding and doing great. The pediatrician told us that when he can hold his head up a little better, we can introduce a little cereal if we want to. But she said we don't need to be in a hurry because, "Whatever you're doing is working!"
  • He has started rolling over from tummy to back! I missed it the first time cuz I was at the vet with the dog. (bummer.) But I was glad Daddy got to witness it!
  • His hair is now too long to spike. It falls over in line with his perfect part. He is also getting a few little bald spots and more blonde hair like his Momma.
  • He gets lots of love from his grandmas and auntie while I'm at work in the mornings. He's spoiled rotten, for sure!
  • He loves his stroller and gets lots of rides when the weather is nice.
  • He still gets mistaken for a girl regularly. I think it's the hair. (I'm dying to put a bow in it. And I actually had a dream last night that I gave him pigtails. Weird.)
  • I think he is starting to like books a little, which makes us very happy.
  • He has started to laugh a little, especially when he sees himself in the mirror.
  • He has discovered a little game where he puts his hand on our mouths and we pretend we're eating it. He loves it.
And now for a fun little story to cap this off. The other day at work I suddenly heard shrieking coming from the opposite side of the classroom. "Mrs. Place, there's a spider!!!!!" Like moths to a flame, the entire class was swarming to the corner where the little (and by little I mean big) spider sat terrified. Now, in my non-preschool teacher life I would definitely yell for Dameon to come kill the darn thing. But, you see, I can't teach a whole unit on creepy crawlies and how good they are for our earth and then smash them right in front of everyone. So, I put on my brave face, grabbed the bug collecting jar, and went to try to fetch the nasty thing without looking too "jumpy". Meanwhile, as a bunch of the boys were trying to smash it with their shoes, one lone little guy was using his body as a human shield in protection of the spider and shouting, "Don't hurt him! He's one of Jesus's animals!!!" When I later relayed this story to Dameon, I told him that I think that will be Henry someday. His response: "I hope not."

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