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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Man

Happy 27th Birthday to my most amazing and handsome husband! On Tuesday I was driving home from picking up a birthday card for Dameon and thinking wonderful thoughts about him while cruising through Waterloo. I found myself pondering this question: How many women out there can say that they are married to a man who loves them for 100% who they are? I wonder if I take for granted that I am COMPLETELY myself with Dameon and that's the person he loves. WOW! I was blown away by this thought. Not only does he love me for who I am (good days and bad), he breathes acceptance into me every single day. God sure does know what He's doing. I am so thankful for the day Dameon was born! Here are some things I love about "my man":
**He has the same sense of humor as me and always gets my jokes.

**He loves our puppy just as much (if not more) than I do.

**His favorite food is anything that I cook. (except that fish that one time...)

**He loves spending time with my family.

**I never, and I mean NEVER, have to beg him to do anything around the house or the yard. (sometimes I even have to ask him to sit down and relax a little)

**He works extremely hard to make sure he is providing for me and doing everything he can to care for me.

**He can clean a kitchen better than anyone I know.

**He's got just the right amount of goofy in him.

**He is an extremely gifted teacher.

**He always holds my hand in public.

**He desires to be a strong, godly leader for our family.

**Pre-fenced in yard, he would always take Rufus out before bed because he knew I was just a tiny bit afraid of being outside alone at nighttime.

**He lets me change the channel rather than forcing me to bear another episode of Deadliest Catch.



Ruth Ann said...

First of all, Dameon was SUCH a cute kid!! Love that picture! You guys are an amazing couple. I am so thankful that you found him. Tell him we say Happy Belated Birthday!

Dameon said...

I'm only leaving this here because I want the world to know...I have the greatest wife in the world!! She makes it difficult to maintain a small head with all of this positive reinforcement! I love you Lindsay and thanks for a GREAT birthday!

Paulette said...

You have no idea what it does for a mother's heart to know her daughter is so loved and so well cared for. Thank you, Dameon, for loving and caring for our daughter the way that you do. And thank you, Lindsay, for realizing what a gift God has given you in this loving husband.

I love you both,


Chris said...

Reading what Lindsay wrote about Dameon reminded me a lot of....ME!! Ha!!! Gotcha!! I agree with what Paulette wrote. When Dameon met with Paulette and I to ask for Lindsay's hand in marriage, I gave him a symbolic "key" to Lindsay's heart. I don't know if he ever shared that with you or not, but Mom and I both knew that we were entrusting Lindsay to a very special person. Thanks, Dameon, for being a man of honor who is true to his word and to his God!!

God bless you!!