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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Moving Day

Dameon is so technologically savvy that he single-handedly set up our wireless internet in like 20 minutes. Phew! Connected to the world once again...
Moving day went so smoothly and we felt truly blessed by all the great friends and family who turned out to help us get from Point A to Point B. We were talking about it today and saying, "It wasn't just like we had help. We had GOOD help." Everyone pitched in and sweated it out to help us load, unload, unpack (a little), and even have a cookout/birthday party in the backyard. All in one day!!! I'm going to attach a few pics. Most of them I'll have to keep hidden forever because I look pretty horrible. :) I need to work on my camera skills because many of the pics ended up blurry. Oh well. Come visit us! We'd love to see you and give you the tour.


Ruth Ann said...

Yay Dameon!! I am so impressed. :) The house looks great and I'm so glad the move went well! Can't wait to see it with all of your stuff in it!

Paulette said...

Great job getting your pics posted already. Good luck with the settling in process!!

Love you both,