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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The wedding was beautiful!

The dust has settled and the newlyweds are (I'm sure) enjoying their Hawaiian honeymoon. The wedding went off without a hitch! They had a beautiful day and tons of friends and family there to celebrate. I'll admit I was a little under the weather, but still managed to have a great time! Annie was, as predicted, the most radiant bride and Ryley didn't look too bad either.

As you can see, the sudden onset of illness prevented me from making it to my spray-tan appointment so...sorry if you're a little blinded by my whiteness. I did end up liking my hair, though. My Iowa City stylist suggested that I go with a "retro" style. When I first suggested this to wedding hair stylist she said, "Oh yeah, like Amy Winehouse." uh....the only thing that brings to mind is eyeliner and crazy frizz rat's nest. But she reassured me that it would be more like smooth in the front and then big volume in the back. I told the lady I'd already had my day of being a bride, so I wasn't too picky. It turned out pretty cool.

All in all, it was a great day. I had so much fun spending time with good friends and being there to witness such a monument in Annie's life. I look forward to hearing Annie's tales of newlywed-ism and maybe offering some words of advice here and there.

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Ruth Ann said...

You look gorgeous!!! And I love your hair! Good work, Place.