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Monday, August 22, 2016

Eight months

  • No paper sign this month. She loves to eat paper!
  • I don't know her exact weight but I would guess her to be right around 20 pounds.
  • size 3 diaper...she's been having some pretty nasty diaper rash lately so we've been using cloth a lot more and some essential oils
  • Her biggest adventures this past month: Going to Adventureland and camping for 3 nights at Jester Park!
  • she has tried several different fruits and veggies and it's just now getting the hang of doing some chewing and swallowing. she's also pretty good with finger foods. still nursing throughout the day.
  • wears size 9 month and 12 month clothing
  • loves loves loves her brothers! kicks, squeals, and grins from ear to ear when she sees them.
  • loves her Pat the Bunny book and has already destroyed two of the pages. her favorite part is the peek a boo with Paul page and she can find it on her own.
  • sleeps all night every night (in her crib) and cat naps during the day (usually in her swing or in the car)
  • goes from tummy to sitting, gets up on hands and knees but not crawling yet
  • has a fondness for the "scrunchie nose face" (see photo above) 
  • says Dada, mama, ssssssaaaaa, baba

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