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Monday, May 16, 2016

Five months

•This girl is oh so kissable! I bet she gets about 100 kisses a day.
•this month's firsts:rolling over both ways, swinging on the play set, Tulip Time, putting things in her mouth, grabbing at everything she sees
•wears 6-9 month clothes
•losing some hair and has a good-sized bald spot on the back of her head
•exclusively breast fed
•size 2 diapers
•Dameon thinks her eyes are decidedly hazel but I still see some blue in there
•takes cat naps when she can get them throughout the day and sleeps all night in her crib 
•starting to be interested in baby toys
•loves to laugh and coo at her brothers
•has scratches all over her nose from clawing at her skin while she sucks her thumb
•switches her hands back and forth to her mouth while I change her clothes and giggles when you pull her arms out of her sleeves
•finds her thumb and gets drowsy anytime she can get ahold of a little piece of blankie, fabric, or tag 
•continues to be an extremely laid back go with the flow baby

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