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Monday, August 25, 2014


Honestly, after this extended vacation from the ol' blog I should have an extensive list of funnies from the boys. But my memory continues to get more and more horrible with each passing day. And my hair continues to get more and more frizzy? Correlation? Maybe. Anyway, after sitting here staring at the screen for a good five minutes, these are the ones I came up with:

  • My mom was here for a visit last week and as she was leaving, she hollered out her farewell. Something like, "Bye, Henry! I love you!" To which Henry waved and hollered back, "Wish us luck!"
  • Warren is toddling everywhere now and his personality is showing up more than ever. Kid's got spunk! This is new territory for Henry because now baby brother fights back. Gone are the days of grabbing any and every toy out of his hands and getting away with it. He comes after you and chomps down on your arm or pinches you with his tiny baby talons fingernails. The other day, the two were fighting over a Mickey Mouse notepad. Warren had a hold of it and Henry wanted it back. As they are in the heat of the moment, I'm trying to encourage Henry to take a better approach by saying, "Just tell him gently that the notepad is a no-no", but all I get out is, "Just tell him gently" and Henry starts shouting "Gently! Gently!" 
  • Henry has recently been introduced to the concept of standing up to potty. I had been warned of all that would happen after we reached this point by my other mom-of-boys friends but, oh my, the reality is much worse. Now that he stands to potty in the toilet, he wants to stand to potty in lots of other places. In small containers, on rugs and carpets, in shoe boxes, on other people's rugs and carpets. Ah, life with boys.

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