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Monday, October 15, 2012

CUTE by henry

For way too long now I have been compiling a list of cute things Henry has done or said and I keep thinking that I have got to get these things written down. Yay for finally doing it! And, just as a side note, he cracks us up many times a day and I can't possibly remember/record them all. These are just a few highlights...
  • Henry is finally (I repeat FINALLY) sleeping through the night. Oh. my. That was a process. He has been consistently sleeping all night for about two and a half weeks. But, like everything, we are constantly in transition because...wait for it...wait for it...he just started cutting his second set of molars. Oh boy. Oh well, I can't complain. Prior to this streak, his record was three nights in a row. And that's only happened twice in his life. And he'll be 22 months old on Friday. Can I get an Uffda? Okay, now for the cute part of all this: Pretty much every time he wakes up and I go in to get him in the morning he says, "That was a good nap!" He thinks all sleeping is termed "nap." Cute? Yes!
  • Several weeks ago I was getting ready to do a big Uppercase Living install at the middle school and I needed a yard stick. Dameon and Henry took off for the hardware store to buy me one. When they returned, Henry was attached to this new contraption. But instead of calling it a yard stick, he was calling it a lever. I asked Dameon where he got that from and Dameon said he didn't know but that he called it that right away. And then it clicked. Sesame Street, of course!
  • Henry's been having some trouble with constipation so we've cut a few things out of his diet lately, including milk. The other night at the grocery store we decided to buy him some coconut milk since it's non-dairy and he's been begging for milk. I didn't really know what I was doing and accidently bought "Vanilla" instead of "Original". When we got home, I promptly filled his cup and he took a big drink. Immediately a look of pure delight came over him and he said, "I drinkin' ice cream!!!"
  • A few weeks ago we went to the Pumpkin Ranch just outside of town. Henry absolutely loved it and was so happy that we got to choose some pumpkins to take home. Every time we come up the porch steps he asks to touch the pumpkins and sit by the pumpkins. Normal, right? But he has a third request. He wants to "chomp" the pumpkins. We use chomp in place of "bite" around here. One day he told me he did chomp the tiny pumpkin. I didn't see any bite marks, so the jury's still out on that one.

  • We're pretty sure Henry is still clueless about the new baby, but every once in awhile we bring it up by talking about how there's a baby in mommy's belly. When we ask him, "What's in Mommy's belly?" He always says, "A button!" And then tries to lift my shirt to see my belly button. One day I was wearing a shirt with a pocket on it, and he was very interested in that pocket. A little while later, he asked to see my pocket, so I said, "Henry, what's in Mommy's pocket?" His reply: "A baby!!"
  • About a month ago I took Henry to the doctor because he had a pretty nasty cold. Much to my surprise, he started crying the minute I set him on the scale and continued to cry the entire time. At one point when the doctor had left the room I said, "Henry, why are you crying?" Through his sobbing he said, "I nervous."
  • My mom and I took Henry to the homecoming parade here in town, which was only a couple weeks after we had taken him to the Pufferbilly Parade in Boone. As the students were riding by on their trucks and floats Henry started calling to them saying, "Drop the treats!" Sorry, pal. No candy at this parade.
  • Henry is an announcer of all things. We pretty much always know what he's doing when he's out of sight because he narrates the whole thing. The only time we really get concerned is when he's quiet. The other day he was quiet and I knew he was in his bedroom. I walked around the corner to find this:

  • And, finally, the most recent Henry quote that I've heard him shouting from the next room about three times in the past few days: "Uh Oh! I make a mess!" One time he had torn up the mail into tiny shreds. The second time he had emptied all of the shirts out of Dameon's drawer, and the third time he had spread kitchen utencils all over the kitchen floor. His reply to me asking him to help clean up is pretty consistent, too. "Nope. I can't do it." Hmmmmmm...little stinker.


Ruth Ann said...

love love LOVE all of this. But I must admit, "I make a mess" is my favorite. Smart kiddo!!

Paulette said...

Don't forget to mention his fake cries to which he responds, "What's wrong, Henry?"