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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

project #3

One of Henry's favorite things to do is put things in and take things out. Doesn't really matter what the things are, as long as they have a container to fit them. Enter our latest project. This one is also great for fine motor skills. I gave him an empty minced onions container and some q-tips. Oh, happy day! He loves putting the q-tips through the holes one-by-one. We gave this to him on Sunday and now two days later, he's still coming back to it. I'm trying to think of something else that's skinny enough to put through the holes to add to his q-tip stash.
Oh, and the cutest part of all this is that he now tries to request a project but it turns out that word is really hard to say. It comes out something like, "pwagik." Adorable :)

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