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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

it's about time for an update

It's been way too long since I've posted but...such is life. I have to wait until Henry is sleeping to do it (because our computer is in the basement) and too often other duties are calling my name. BUT, I've been compiling a list of Henry's latest happenings so you don't have to wait any longer! :) Here are the most current cute stories about our little buddy boy:
  • He is in a major climbing phase. A little later than most, but I'm fine with that. As soon as he reaches the top of whatever he's trying to mount, he exclaims, "I DID IT!" He uses this phrase at the conclusion of other feats, as well. The only time we really grow concerned is when we hear him shout but can't find any evidence of what he actually did.
  • I'm one of those moms who can tend to be a bit of a picker. I have a hard time ignoring his ear wax, boogers, hang nails, etc. Apparently, I've always apologized to him during the picking because now as soon as the picking ceases, he beats me to the punch and says "Sah-wee".
  • He tells me multiple times throughout the day that I have a good idea. I'll say, "Should we read a book?" And he'll say, "Good idea!" I love it.
  • He constantly asks to have his boo-boos kissed. Even if they're not legitimate boo-boos. Someday I'll probably have to teach him to be tougher, but for now I'm not gonna turn him down when he runs to me saying "Kiss it?"
  • One of our favorite exclamations of his is, "I missed you!!!" He doesn't usually use it in the right context but we don't care. It's the cutest.
  • On Sunday as I was getting him dressed, I was explaining that we were going to church. I said, "Who will we see at church?" and he said, "Amen!!"
  • Okay, now I'm going to brag for a sec. I just can't help it...this kid is amazing! He knows ten letters: B, H, L, O, R, S, T (he says cross), W, X, Y; He knows seven shapes: circle, square, heart, diamond, star, triangle, oval; He can rote count to 4
  • He says pretty much anything and everything, but here are some of his latest translations...
    • eyebrow is eyebrown
    • crayon is crayond
    • dinosaur is cosaur
    • fix it is fisk it
    • pen or pencil is paper
    • love you is yuv you
    • hold me is hold you
    • animals is amals
  • And now for a few things he can't yet do... 1. Puzzles: He basically has no clue. This is sad for me because I love a good puzzle. We'll work on it.  2. Eat with a fork and spoon: Yep, parenting fail. I missed the boat on this and now he basically has learned helplessness. Oops. 3. Sit still: He is, by far, the busiest kid at storytime. It's not that he's being naughty or anything. He just can't sit still. He'd rather cruise the room and explore, while participating from afar. Again, we'll work on it :)
  • And last but certainly not least is Henry's biggest news of all...............
He's going to be a big brother in March! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! The pregnancy posts will commence soon, but not today. I'm one tired gal and since he's napping, I'm gonna nap too. Oh, and one more thing: for several months something has been messed up in my facebook settings and nothing that I post shows up in people's newsfeeds so that's why I'm not able to link my posts to facebook anymore. bummer! If you have any thoughts on how to fix this issue, I'm all ears. I sent an email to facebook but they're no help.

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Jill the Thrill said...

Linds, I had the same issue too. They don't allow it anymore. Instead, you have to manually post the links from now on. Bummer, I know. Congrats on the news also!