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Thursday, February 2, 2012


My oh my have we been enjoying this crazy awesome weather. A whole three weeks ago I was taking Henry on stroller rides and saying, "we gotta get outside today because this will probably be our last nice day!" But for real I think today might be the last one. Henry's excitement for the outdoors makes us all the more excited for summertime and the swimming pool!

Dameon has been super busy these past few weeks. He's serving on lots of extra committees which means going in early and staying late. Plus he has a new student teacher. Plus he has been clocking some serious sweat time at the gym and resisting junk food like a pro. Me? I've been hungrier than ever and the discovery of nutella is not helping matters. Chocolate in a jar? Are u kidding me?

Teething is taking quite a toll on our little buddy right now, which makes his moods, our nights, and my productivity pretty unpredictable.

Next weekend dameon and I are signed up for a conference at our church, which we're really looking forward to. Yes, we finally found a church!

Henry seems to be closer to really walking everyday! It seems like there are several moments each evening where dameon and I hold our breath as he finds his balance and slowly leans forward like he's really gonna go for it! But so far only one or steps in a row.

No computer at home means blogging from the iPad...which is challenging.

Annnnnd he's awake.

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