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Sunday, October 30, 2011

ten months

Sooooo behind once again. But you're probably used to that by now. Darn home computer still doesn't let me post. Anyway, Henry is ten months plus about 11 days now. Less than two months til the big birthday! Wowza!
  • Not sure exactly how much he weighs but it seems like a lot. He's gotta be over 21 pounds by now. I'd guess 22.
  • He's not overly interested in baby food right now. About a month ago we had a scarring salmon incident and ever since then he's been quite cautious about anything on a spoon. However, we think he's going to be quite the independent child, and we're convinced that if he could feed himself with the spoon, he'd clear his plate. He's still nursing throughout the day and night, so he definitely gets his fill.
  • His current tricks include: So Big, clapping, pointing, twisting his hands when he hears music, following along in his flap books and Pat the Bunny, saying "Oh, Wow" "sssssat" and "dada", crawling around and pulling up on everything, and sometimes waving bye-bye.
  • Lately we've been very impressed with his receptive language skills. The other day he was standing at the couch and I said, "Henry, where's your spoon?" He turned around and looked at the spoon. Then I said, "Go get your spoon." He plopped down on his bum, crawled over, and picked up his spoon. Coincidence? It's possible :)
  • He does a little bit of cruising but has only let go and balanced once. And it was only for a second.
  • His nursery is finally (FINALLY!!) done. See pics above.
  • He had a few firsts this past month. First marching band contest, First haircut, First parade, First ride in a shopping cart, and First illness.
  • Next up: First Halloween. Stay tuned for pictures!

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