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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lullaby say what?

The following is a collective summary of a scenario that has played out over the past several weeks and is another one of those things that would have never happened in my pre-parenthood days...

So Henry has this lullaby CD. I started playing it way back when he was brand new, just kindof as background music. Then when we started working really hard on crib-sleeping, I thought it just made sense to incorporate music into the routine. Like, every time you hear this music, it means sleep. The CD is called Jewel's Lullaby, or something like that. It's just a collection of lullabies, mostly old I think, sung by Jewel. It's a pretty good CD. Nice and soothing and mellow. So every night when it's time for bed, I hit "PLAY" and away we go.
Well, a few weeks ago it dawned on me that maybe Henry should be hearing me sing instead. I mean, I want him to be soothed by the sound of my voice. The problem is I don't really know that many lullabies. But I knew the tunes of Jewel's first five or six songs real well. So, I decided to kinda hum along. You know, give him a little combo pack duet thing. It didn't take me long to realize that Jewel and I don't exactly have the same range, so things got a little iffy here and there. Oh well. The next night, I decided I should probably try to pick up some of the lyrics. It was then that things got strange.
At first I thought I must be mistaken, so I listened harder, trying to decipher. Did she just, that doesn't even make sense. So, I googled it. Song #2 is called "All the Animals" and it goes "All the animals agree you and me should be a team. And they walk on parade say that we were made to be a team. And my wings weaken beneath your will. And before you I am trembling and still." HUH??? I just cannot sing that. I don't even get it.
Anyway, not only does Henry fall asleep to this CD, Dameon and I also fall asleep to it playing through the baby monitor. It's really no big deal and we're pretty used to it by now, but the other night I had one of the most seemingly real dreams I've ever had. The kind where you have to be awake for quite awhile to convince yourself it wasn't real. I'm sure you can guess who the dream featured. Yep, Jewel. In my dream I was sleeping and Jewel woke me up by knocking on our bedroom door. She said, "Can I come in?" And I said something non-committal like, "Uh, I guess." Then she came in with a bunch of animals walking two by two, total Noah's Ark style. She was determined to fit all these animals around the edges of our bedroom and she just kept packing 'em in. Like elephants and rhinos and stuff.
The next night we tried to switch out the CD to a classical piano type thing, but Henry wouldn't stand for it. He loves it. So, Jewel it is.
Sometimes my life is weird.

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