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Saturday, May 28, 2011

five months

**This post is way overdue!**

Here's the newest info about our growing boy...
  • He is well over 16 pounds by now and loves to be held. Yes, I'm going to have awesome biceps one of these days.
  • We have started being able to carry him on our hip. That makes him seem like such a big boy.
  • We have discovered that he is very ticklish under his arms, around his knees, and on his feet!
  • He had his first taste of rice cereal, which he did not enjoy. He spit it all out and looked at us like we were crazy.
  • His hair seems to be filling in a little bit more now and it looks like he might just be a blondie.
  • He likes to have one or two fingers hooked in his mouth at all times.
  • He rolls over from his back to his tummy all the time now. But he doesn't like to be on his tummy, so he grunts and hollers until someone flips him onto his back again. And then he immediately rolls to his belly again. It's quite the fun little game. :)
  • He is wearing size 6 - 12 month clothes
  • He gets mistaken for a girl more than ever now...but I'm still not gonna cut his hair.

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