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Saturday, March 19, 2011

three months

Here's the latest Henry news:
  • His cheeks are growing chubbier every day.
  • He is TALL like Daddy. He is wearing 3 - 6 month size and stretching some it of to the limit!
  • He smiles all the time and loves to be talked to.
  • He has all kinds of coos he can make and is learning that he can be quite loud :)
  • He can push his head up very consistently and gets a proud smile on his face when he is successful.
  • He notices more and more things around him, such as the mobile above his swing.
  • He puts his hands in his mouth a lot and searches for a finger or thumb to suck.
  • He is still the most content little guy and a great sleeper and eater.
  • He loves his stroller rides, which have been frequent with all the nice weather this past week.
  • He is just starting to laugh (as of yesterday)!

1 comment:

The Blackley Tribe said...

Sweet baby boy, I can't wait to meet you!