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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the things i don't want to forget

The absolute amazement of watching my belly get bigger by the day.

Having cars stop on a regular basis to let me cross the street.

Being the only one who feels this baby's tiny kicks and nudges.

Being completely naive about this whole pregnancy and child birth experience, which means every single thing is a first.

Anticipating when Sunday afternoon rolls around and we can read the next week's chapter in our pregnancy book. Dameon always reads aloud while I listen.

Then listening to Dameon pause and comment when he reads something that really knocks his socks off like, "This week your baby has eyebrows and eyelashes."

Enjoying people's reactions when we tell them we aren't finding out the gender. "There's nothing like that kind of surprise!" they say.

Seeing the baby open and close it's mouth to practice swallowing on the ultrasound.

The anticipation of making my parents grandparents for the first time. Can't wait for that! Mom is already stocking up on baby gear that will stay at their house.

The feeling of hearing the doctor say, "Everything on the ultrasound looks perfect and healthy."

Embracing the sticky-up little hairs cropping up all over my belly.

The priceless look on Dameon's face during the ultrasound this week. A perfect combination of love, pride, and awe as he stared at that screen.

Remembering the feeling of hearing Dameon refer to me as "my wife" the first few times after we were married and realizing I'll feel something similar again soon when he says, "my son" or "my daughter."


Ruth Ann said...

LOVE it! There is nothing like being able to participate in the miracle of life being created inside of you! I'm so glad you're writing these things down. Good reminder to enjoy every moment! :)

Lafrenz Family said...

Wait until the first baby check up and you fill out the paper work and you are now filed under "mom"

Paulette said...

You make me cry. I'm in awe of the whole thing and especially how God has graced us with such a loving daughter and son-in-law. Can't wait to welcome that precious babe,